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Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

LocAle Guide

The LocAle scheme was created by CAMRA in 2007 to help support local brewing traditions. There are now over 100 CAMRA branches participating in the scheme, which has accredited hundreds of pubs as LocAle pubs, regularly selling at least one locally-brewed real ale.


Everyone benefits from local pubs stocking locally-brewed real ale:

  • Public houses as stocking local real ales can increase pub visits.
  • Consumers who enjoy greater beer choice and diversity.
  • Local brewers who gain from increased sales.
  • The local economy because more money is spent and retained locally.
  • The environment due to fewer 'beer miles' resulting in less road congestion and pollution.
  • Tourism due to an increased sense of local identity and pride - let's celebrate what makes our locality different.


Accreditation is at the sole discretion of the local CAMRA branch and subject to the licensee agreeing to the following:

  • That they will endeavour to ensure at least one locally brewed real ale, as defined by the local branch, is on sale at all times.
  • Only real ale, as defined by CAMRA, can be promoted as a CAMRA LocAle.
  • Where the standard of real ale sold falls below an acceptable quality, accreditation will be withdrawn.
  • That accreditation can be withdrawn at any time at the discretion of the local branch.
  • That should accreditation be withdrawn, or should the licensee withdraw from the scheme, all LocAle publicity material must be removed from the pub and the licensee must cease using the CAMRA LocAle logo.

What is a "LocAle"?

What do we mean by a "locally brewed real ale"? Because of the unique position of our branch, in the far South-Eastern tip of England, we are adopting the definition that a 'local' real ale is one that has been brewed by any Kent brewery.

Errors & Omissions

This information may be out-of-date. If you do find any errors or omissions, please email ku.gro.armac.sdd@reciffo.sbup.

Here's a list of the pubs in our branch that are LocAle accredited.

  • Coldred
    • Carpenters Arms Telephone(01304) 830190 The Green Coldred CT15 5AJ
  • Deal
    • Deal Hoy Telephone(01304) 363972 16 Duke Street Deal CT14 6DU
    • Farrier Telephone(01304) 360080 90 Manor Road Deal CT14 9DB
    • Just Reproach 14 King Street Deal CT14 6HX
    • Ship Inn Telephone(01304) 372222 141 Middle Street Deal CT14 6JZ
    • Smugglers Record Shop Telephone(01304) 362368 9 King Street Deal CT14 6HX
  • Dover
  • Eastry
    • Five Bells Telephone(01304) 611188 The Cross Eastry CT13 0HX
  • Finglesham
    • Crown Inn Telephone(01304) 612555 The Street Finglesham CT14 0NA
  • Goodnestone
  • Great Mongeham
  • Kingsdown
    • King's Head Telephone(01304) 373915 Upper Street Kingsdown CT14 8BJ
    • Zetland Arms Telephone(01304) 370114 Wellington Parade Kingsdown CT14 8AF
  • Sholden
    • Sportsman Telephone(01304) 380321 23 The Street Sholden CT14 0AL
  • Walmer
    • Berry Telephone(01304) 362411 23 Canada Road Walmer CT14 7EQ
    • Freed Man Telephone(01304) 364457 329 Dover Road Walmer CT14 7NX
    • Lighthouse Telephone(01304) 366031 50 The Strand Walmer CT14 7DX
  • Wingham
    • Anchor Inn Telephone(01227) 720392 High Street Wingham CT3 1BJ